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Security Assessment for business and churches

Due to recent national events, many citizens want to know how they can become safer in today’s ever changing society.

Many inquiries come from churches, businesses and other entities where people congregate.

Being proactive is the key to being safe.

Simplifying your security/safety strategy is the key to the process.

No one wants to read a 100 page crisis plan. No one wants to participate in intricate, intensive training.

People want simple, easily implemented steps to be safe.

Implementing a security team, limiting access into one entrance, no backpack rules and effective communication systems are simple but effective steps to take.

There are many strategies for making yourself and those around you safe, and here is an example of a simple plan:

1. Seek a security assessment of the physical property / building by an experienced security consultant.

2. Create a security team consisting of members of the business or congregation (include individuals with law enforcement, military and security backgrounds).

3. Update and simplify your emergency crisis plan. The plan must be PROACTIVE to avoid a crisis and include easy steps to REACT to a crisis.

4. Assess the need for security technology such as access control, camera systems, and simple communication & notification systems.

5. Work with local law enforcement agencies. Sometimes a wise investment is to hire a law enforcement officer at large events to keep you and your people safe.

Contact us anytime for security consulting.

We discuss your unique needs to keep you and your people safe.

Simplified, streamlined precautions are the key to avert danger.

Mark Leonard

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