About Us

chiefpictureABN Consulting LLC provides consulting services for public safety students and law enforcement professionals.

Our company is owned by Mark W. Leonard who retired after 25 years of distinguished service in 2013 as a police commander with a large New Jersey police department.

Mr. Leonard has extensive knowledge of public safety and the testing process. He applied his own, easy to learn study system to attain the following test rankings:
# 1 score police sergeant exam
# 1 score police lieutenant exam
# 2 score police captain exam
# 1 score deputy police chief exam
# 2 score police chief exam

Leonard served at every rank within his department and attained the top executive position at age 42 using his memorization techniques and easy to learn strategies.
Our mission is to simplify your approach to ANY test in ANY state and provide expert advice professionally. Our company has easy to learn solutions that can be conveyed to you in a process that is high in intensity and based on information specific to your needs.

Our company’s unique approach of consulting with our clients is the aide that you’ve been looking for to help you get over your career hurdles.