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Security Consultant in New Jersey

Security training should be an integral part of any company or organization’s overall security program.

ABN Consulting LLC provides security training programs for companies and their employees.

Our company provides training that is easy to understand and streamlined.

Our security and awareness training programs are for all levels of personnel in organizations ranging from businesses to schools to high risk locations.

Our owner, Mark Leonard served at every rank within his police department during his distinguished 25 year career.

He attained the rank of Police Chief at age 42.

He supervised 200 employees and maintained a 17 million dollar annual budget.

He has trained hundreds of law enforcement officers to attain higher ranks through training classes, up to and including current Chiefs of Police in New Jersey.

He is an expert in law enforcement and security issues.

Mark Leonard also commanded his police department’s Training Bureau while Captain of the Services Division.

After retiring in 2013 he established ABN Consulting LLC.

His company strives to make organizations safe and to teach clients how to remain safe.

Security to an organization is very important in these uncertain times.

ABN Consulting LLC combines our owners 25 years of law enforcement experience and we teach client’s step by step about contemporary security issues.

Security training programs are developed and delivered in the best interests of the client and tailored to your specific needs.

Training can be provided for 1 to 100 employees at a time.

Fees are very reasonable and easy to understand.

Each class is a simple one time fee.

Classes are to the point and 3 hours or less.

We look forward to entering a professional relationship with your company and to train and retrain your employees on any issue you request.

At all of our training programs, clients are issued individual, easy to read handouts that our trainer will methodically review and explain every single step of the subject matter in easy to learn terms.

Our training goal is simple: provide a service that makes your company and your employees safe, more informed, and more aware of their environment and surroundings.

Security training classes and presentations available include the following

  • Security Awareness for Employees
  • Securing of Facilities
  • Receptionist’s Role in Security / Securing the reception area
  • Workplace Violence Awareness
  • Management of Aggressive Persons
  • Personal Safety / Reducing Crime Victimization
  • Handling Disgruntled Employees
  • Best Practices in Mail Handling
  • Emergency Response Plan Development


Specific training in the following

    • Active Shooter
    • Bomb Threats
    • Threats by Mail
    • Workplace Violence
    • Threat of a shooting by phone/internet
    • Fire drills / lockdowns
  • Protection of Sensitive Information
  • Handling persons requesting free services/advice (Law offices, Doctor Offices etc.)
  • Surveillance
  • Facility Security Officer Training
  • Personnel with Security Duties
  • Handling problem clients
  • Handling of keys, access devises

We can develop a wide variety of client specific security training upon request.

A training program upon a client’s request can be researched, developed and conducted within 7-10 business days.

We cater to our client’s specific security training needs.

ABN Consulting LLC also provides consultation pertaining to security systems  including fire, CCTV, access control, and intrusion alarms.

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