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New Jersey Police Test prep

Police test season has arrived. Entry level tests and promotional tests are scheduled for 2018. Oral, written, and video based exams are all major components of the test season. Clients are preparing [...]

New Jersey Police Test Preparation

FREE CLASS !!!!!!!!! My company is offering a FREE orientation class for the upcoming police promotional exam. The FREE class can be in person or by telephone. . We tutor clients 1 on 1 No [...]

2018 New Jersey police promotional exam

Getting organized for your upcoming exam can be simplified and streamlined. If you are testing this year, NOW is the time to gather appropriate subject matter and derive a master plan to prepare [...]

New Jersey police test prep

We currently provide one on one tutoring for the following 2018 exams: New Jersey Law Enforcement Examination (LEE)(Entry Level Exam) New Jersey Police Sergeant test New Jersey Police Lieutenant test New [...]

New Jersey police test

2018 is the year to get promoted ! We are enrolling students for 1 on 1 tutoring now for the rank of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief and Chief of Police. Avoid the crowds. Receive [...]

2018 New Jersey Police Promotional exam

Looking to get promoted to the next rank and enhance your career? Tutoring is a great option. Benefits of tutoring ? Individualized learning, no crowds, flexible scheduling. Remember: Preparation [...]

New Jersey Police Test Prep

1 on 1 tutoring for police entry exams begin on January 2nd. Avoid the crowds and learn at your own pace! Contact us anytime with questions you may have about your law enforcement [...]

New Jersey Police Test Prep

Tutoring for New Jersey police promotional exams begin January 2nd. Call us at 973.768.5150 to discuss your test prep strategy. Make 2018 a year for career [...]

New Jersey Police Test prep

We are now accepting clients for 2018. We tutor for the following exams: ENTRY Sergeant Lieutenant Captain Deputy Chief  Chief   Go to our website   for [...]

Security Assessment for business and churches

Due to recent national events, many citizens want to know how they can become safer in today's ever changing society. Many inquiries come from churches, businesses and other entities where people [...]