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How to study for a police exam

Police officers often ask me how to study for a police exam.

They want to enhance their career and increase their paycheck.

Inevitably they ask the same few questions.

Remember, you want to maximize your study efforts in a streamlined system.

The ultimate goal is to enhance your test score, and attain the position you are testing for.

I have listed some of the more common questions I have been asked recently below to get you started.

Who should I ask questions about my upcoming exam?
•Successful students who scored high on the exam in the recent past for the rank you are testing for
•Expert test prep consultants
•Successful people in general that are positive in nature

When should I start studying?
•This is a marathon not a sprint
•You need to start now and increase study time as the test date nears
•Start now, do NOT delay

Should I study with someone else?
•Formal study groups are helpful, although it is held in a group setting
•Tutors are more individualized and personal. Flexibility of schedule and interaction with the tutor are advantageous

Should I just review information in study guides or breakdowns I obtain?
•Absolutely not!
•You must read everything at least once
•You will then begin to breakdown all information into easy to read study guides and flashcards, OR you can purchase user friendly study guides and save time right from the start of studying. Let a professional provide the breakdowns to simplify the process
•Once you obtain or construct your study guides, very important information can be placed on audio to listen to it

When studying, how often should I take a break?
•When studying you must take breaks
•A good rule to go by is for every hour you will study, take a 10-15 minute break
•Get up, stretch, relax and then get back to the books!

What about sleep and exercise?
•Police work includes working off hours
•Bottom line is be well rested, get enough sleep every day
•Stay physically and mentally fit
•Include some brisk walking, jogging, yoga etc. into your daily routine
•While exercising listen to the audio of your test prep notes

Other than reading, highlighting and writing down important material are there other ways to learn the material?
•Listen to the audio you will be creating
•Take quizzes and exams
•Create potential exam questions and have your friends/family quiz you
•Obtain study guides and practice questions from a professional service

What would you suggest is the best method to be successful?
•Buy all publications that will be used to formulate your upcoming exam
•Read every page ONCE
•Retain the services of a formal “study group” or “tutor”
•Retaining a tutor streamlines the process, simplifies the information and you will be mentored/coached at a pace convenient for the client
•Individual tutors avoid large groups and maximizes individual learning

As always, if you have any questions about any type of police test or wish to talk about how tutoring can simplify your study efforts, contact us anytime.

Oral exam, written exam and interview preparation are just a few of the services our company provides.

Happy studying!

Mark Leonard


ABN Consulting LLC

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