Law Enforcement Career Consultants

New Jersey Police Test Prep

We currently provide one on one tutoring for:
New Jersey Law Enforcement Examination (LEE)(Entry Level Exam)
New Jersey Police Sergeant test
New Jersey Police Lieutenant test
New Jersey Police Captain test
New Jersey Police Deputy Chief test
New Jersey Police Chief test
Personalized,individual attention provided for ALL of our clients.
Telephonic tutoring available for those with busy schedules.
We answer ALL of your email questions daily.
Come to us exclusively or supplement your current study group and/or personal study efforts.
All aspects of study prep are covered including written exam, oral exam and video component.
We also have easy to read study guides to make studying easier.
When you join us for tutoring you receive the study guides FREE, mailed priority mail.
No time to highlight your books? We provide highlighting services.
Need your resume updated or a complete new resume? We provide resume services.
Going for a job interview? We provide three hour classes to prepare you.
Retiring and need guidance on a 2nd career? We are here to help.
Consulting available for all levels to assist you in enhancing your career.
Our owner Mark Leonard tested for and served at every rank within his Police Department.
Get an edge on your competition and enhance your career with proper coaching and mentoring.
Contact us ANYTIME with your career and professional questions.
Good luck in your career endeavors!!!!!!!

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