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New Jersey Police Sergeant Exam

Preparation for the upcoming New Jersey Police Sergeant exam has begun.

Streamlined, relevant preparation is the key to success on promotional exams.

Since retiring, my focus is on assisting motivated individuals seeking personal tutoring for police exams.

These motivated individuals may be supplementing a larger study group they are attending or utilizing my company’s services exclusively.

Technical knowledge is important, as is the application of technical knowledge in a test situation.

Also important in a candidate’s preparation is studying relevant material repeatedly and understanding the subject matter that may be tested in addition to what format it may be tested.

Technical knowledge such as Criminal Law, AG Guidelines, court cases and Arrest, Search and Seizure are very important areas for Police Sergeant Candidates to know and apply.

This technical knowledge may be tested in a multiple choice format, a video component or work sample assessment.

My company’s job is to streamline a client’s study efforts to relevant material and to convey how relevant material may be presented in a written test format or oral component.

That is what consulting is all about.

We simply give expert advice to candidates preparing for their career enhancement opportunity and make the process personalized, streamlined and easy to understand.

This consulting is second nature to our owner, Mark Leonard who was a police officer for 25 years, serving at every rank in his police department before retiring in 2013.

We teach what he did to successfully prepare for all ranks in the Police Department.

Most studies convey that individuals only retain approximately 10 percent of what they read.

Our system of multiple sensory methods of learning, including reading, listening, speaking and writing bolsters your retention rate by repeatedly studying relevant material from many different methods.

The process becomes more efficient, effective and less mundane.

There are thousands of pages of material that must be broken down into easy to understand lists, acronyms and key phrases.

Studying for ANY exam is a process of breaking down and refining a large amount of information into easy to understand, compartmentalized subject matter.

We always enjoy speaking to law enforcement officers looking for career advice and talking specifically about their promotional opportunities and how best to maximize their study efforts.

Sometimes a simple phone call or email clarifies the most pressing questions a candidate may have.

Consulting is all about simple clarifications and putting things into context from someone that has been successful in the process a client is entering.

One on one tutoring is available to simplify the process and maximize your time and effort.

This temporary effort can lead to a permanent position that can positively impact you for the rest of your life.

Contact us anytime to discuss your specific situation.

Good luck in your career endeavors.

Mark Leonard

ABN Consulting LLC



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