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New Jersey Police test prep: What should you be studying?

People ask me all the time, ” What should I be studying for my upcoming police promotional exam?”

As we all know, criminal law, guidelines, directives, court cases and management are a great place to start.

More specifically, there are subject matter areas that must be known by modern day police supervisors.

For your convenience, I have listed issues that you must have a working knowledge of, not only for testing purposes but also to apply to your day to day function as a police officer.

If I was a promotional candidate, the below subject matter I would study, highlight, break down into writing and dictate the information into an audio device to listen to repetitively.

Although I retired in 2013, I successfully passed every police promotional exam I was administered and served at every rank including Police Chief.

I train students in the below subject matter areas.

My company also has easy to read breakdowns of the following areas:


Active shooter


Amber Alert

Arrest, search and seizure

Arrestee dependents

Assault weapons

Bias incidents

Bomb threat


Bullying (including cyber bullying)

Buy/Bust operations

Child abductions

Community policing


Crime victim’s rights

Critical incidents

Death notifications


Domestic violence

Domestic Violence offenses

Drug screening

DV involving an officer

DWI- refusal

EDP handling

Electronic recordation

Emergency/unusual occurrence response

Exceptions to the written warrant requirement

Exclusionary rule

Eyewitness identification

Fingerprint/photo juveniles



Human trafficking

IA function


Immediate suspension of a police officer

Incident command system components

Intelligence gathering

Internal affairs

Interstate transportation of firearms

Interview and interrogation

Juvenile procedures

Juveniles taken into custody

K9 sniff (Home vs. MV)

Major incident response

Medical marijuana

Megan’s law

Memorandum of agreement between education and law enforcement


Missing persons

MV consent searches

National carry law

NCIC checks

NJ v Witt

Official misconduct


Passenger compartment frisks

Performance evaluations

Photo/live lineup

Police computers/body cameras/ on board police vehicle cameras

Probation vs. parole searches


Protective sweeps

Public information/OPRA/police records

Racial profiling

Regulation of officer’s speech

Retired officers carrying of weapons

Safe haven


School lockdown

School searches

Search incident to arrest/auto exception

Search warrants

Sexual harassment

Sobriety checkpoints


Strip search

Submission/analysis of firearms

Telephone records



Use of force

Use of force/less lethal ammo

Vehicle pursuit

When a police contact becomes a seizure


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Mark Leonard


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