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SECURITY for business & churches

Security in life is everything…

Security of yourself and the people around you is of paramount importance.

Recent events have peaked people’s interests on how to protect themselves.

Specifically, churches and businesses have to protect their people.

These entities need a simple, streamlined security plan.

The security plan has to be more than run, hide, fight.

It must be proactive so you do not get to the run, hide, fight stage of a crisis.

My company simplifies the process.

We look at your physical building, look at the surroundings, look at the people and use common sense steps to make you safer and “harden the target”.

Good people CAN stop bad people.

With a good plan, and some good individuals behind the plan, you can put your best effort forth to keep you and yours safe.

We implement the following for our clients and suggest you do the same:

  1. Set up a security team.
  2. Implement a security plan.
  3. Introduce limited KEYED entrances.
  4. Have a communication plan.
  5. Implement lock-down procedures.

The above 5 steps will harden your target, improve cooperation, and have a safety team or team member in place at ALL events, big or small.

This is all proactive, preventative measures, that are easily taught and implemented, that MUST be instituted before any chance of a run,hide,fight scenario.

Planning is important.

A simple plan with good people and good cooperation is a great start to securing both you and those that you are responsible for protecting.

Get started NOW !!!!!!!!!!

My company is available to discuss security measures any time, just contact us and we can have a great conversation on this topic……………..

Mark Leonard

ABN Consulting LLC

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