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New Jersey Police Test Prep

Police test season has arrived.

Entry level tests and promotional tests are scheduled for 2017.

Oral, written, and video based exams are all major components of the test season.

Clients are preparing for entry exams, Chief of Police exams and every rank in between.

The bottom line is, to do well on ANY type of exam, you must be fully prepared for it.

This means you must know the subject matter AND how to apply the subject matter in a test situation.

Self preparation is an option.

I have found through my 25 year career and ensuing retirement that although self preparation is an option, I do not believe it is your best option.

To properly prepare for a police test you have 2 options:

1. Study group

2. One on one tutoring

There actually is a 3rd option in some professional’s eyes, if you have the time and resources, and that is a combination of both a study group AND personalized tutoring.

Police test prep study groups are a good idea. You will learn subject matter in a group setting. You will sit in an audience of your peers and learn police test subject matter, usually in a large group. I am an advocate of such groups, as I owned one years ago with much success. I also believe that group settings are not always conducive to personal excellence and personal learning strategies.

Within study groups there are distractions, rigid schedules and limited time to ask questions. There may be individuals who disrupt your learning environment.

Now that I am retired, I have created a system for the police test prep student that does NOT wish to sit in a group of his/her peers, in a large audience, on structured times and dates.

My new philosophy is quite simple.

*******Learn about your test, one on one, with a test prep expert, who tested and served at every rank within his police department. Get tutored at convenient times for you, in a comfortable setting, with pinpoint accuracy of the subject matter that is specific to your upcoming test. You will be accomplishing this in confidence, away from your competition, while attaining a competitive edge from an expert. *******

Due to the demand for one on one tutoring, I started my company ABN Consulting LLC.

You may ask, what are the advantages of one on one tutoring, and the advantages of becoming a client of ABN Consulting LLC?

Advantages of one on one tutoring

No crowds

Personalized Service

Personalized Attention

Student Comfort




**Flexibility of class schedule**

All questions answered in person

In addition, our clients enjoy

FREE study guides mailed directly to them

The best part is, the moment you enroll as a client, you receive our 5 volume study guide package via priority mail, to begin building a study base for highly testable subject matter.

When you arrive at your tutoring session, the broken down material within your study guides are broken down with even more clarity, explained fully, and presented in a system that will ensure you learn through repetitive study concepts.

Contact us anytime with questions, we have numerous concepts and study aids for you to utilize to enhance test scores and attain your career goals in a simple, streamlined manner.

We also provide FREE test questions on our website.

Please contact us ANYTIME for career and test prep advice.

Whether you are an entry level student or testing for Sgt., Lt., Captain, Deputy Chief or Chief, we have experience at ALL levels and are here to serve you.

Personalized and in private is our test prep pledge to our clients.

Mark Leonard


ABN Consulting LLC


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